The Vow

A sister of mine forwarded this video to me and after watching it, I was near tears (I'm such a teddy bear). This couple, Jennifer & Dustin, exemplify what real love in Christ Jesus really is and what it could amount to. Their vows showed their walk with Christ, how they've sought the kingdom of God and his love first, before every other thing. Dustin said he prayed to God to empower him to love people with  God's supernatural love (a prayer we should all pray), love that he is not capable of, and that every time he was with her he felt like he took a step into heavan. What manner of love is that? That is the love I want, a love for someone to the point where I know it had to be supernatural. With love, everything comes to order (think about that). 

I want to experience a Love that I didn't even know existed.