The Weak Slores We Call Men

I imagine a time in my life where I thought everyone had innocent hearts like I me. Where there was more good than bad, and my parents were always right. I would watch cartoons on Saturday mornings when my mother would do our laundry as I ate a bowl of cereal. This innocence is a treasure that I hold on to when the world demands impurity and sin. But the world tries to rob me of this innocence, but I rather stay in my bubble of innocence while they enjoy what the evils of the world offer them. Nonetheless, years later I learned of course that no one is to be trusted. The heart is so deceitful and it only seeks its fleshly desires. Men think with their brain and women with their emotions. That scenario can go many ways, but a popular one is how men use their brain to manipulate women into evoking their sexual emotions, using them for what they want and trying this play on another woman. 

In my lifetime, other women can relate, I have come across a lot of womanizers and users. Men with one-track-minds that are set on just sex initially before even getting to know you. Or the users that want a lady to take care of them when they need. This guy and I went out to Ihop one day (I was young only 19) and he looked at me when we go to the register and said "Yeah she got it". The un-easy anger that rolled into my face in a split second only allowed me to laugh an say "I aint paying for that shit". Even though I knew him as a friend, he was still a user, and a woman with a penis. 

But some of these guys have their eyes set on the prize, no matter the cost of dates, time spent, or sweet-nothings they'll have to whisper in your ear to get it. But ladies, you have to be smart and patient because the truth with come in about 2-3 months. Real intentions will begin to show as the guy is fishing for answers and reassurance that there is a "possibility" of some sort. (if he wants to continue to date you and is interested in being in a relationship, then decided what you want to do) Its amazing the role of a deceitful heart. At that point the heart works with the brain in order to reach its satisfaction, with consequences playing in the background on mute. But he's thinking, what do I have to loose? I've already spent money and time, its either I loose more money and time to find out that I don't get the booty or see whats up and be closer to getting it. 

Men are predictable, that is why you have to be un-predicable. What can you loose ladies? You've already made him spend his bread (hopefully) and his time, and on top of that, his mileage. Either let him off easy, offer friendship, or just stop answering. 

I'm sure some guy reading this is like whoaaa ash, thats hardcore, is this what you do? And my answer is YES, HECK YES actually, but not on purpose. Its an innate reaction to bullshit. I don't automatically think that a guy is just trying to sleep with me when he approaches me, until the subject comes up, then its a bulls-eye.  Look at what kind of weak creatures we have walking this earth that are calling themselves men when their main motivation concerning women is SEX. Are you serious? What did you expect? To just come into my life, talk sweet to me, buy me dinner,  and I fall like raindrops into your hands? Nigga please. I know my worth, and you do too.

Sometimes I meet guys that after their initial stage of infatuation start to like me as a person. Thats cute.......................

I have quite a number of friends who have told me of stories of being deceived by men who JUST wanted to get in their pants. Its so sad that guys think it is okay to mislead many women just to higher their list of sexual encounters which in-turn limits their worth as a man. (Yeah having many sexual partners is only good for bragging to your homeboys, but when you reveal the number to anyone else, we'll probably be ashamed for you). I've never heard a girl saying she's like a guy to have at least slept with over 10 girls. They say experience, but not that kind of slore-ish experience. In essence, when you meet a woman, don't talk to her because you want to just have sex with her, talk to her because she's pretty and you'd like to get to know her. The results will be more satisfying when you pursue someone for the right reasons than the wrong reasons, because Karma works in magical ways, and it will bite you in the ass sooner or later, but most likely at the critical point in your life when you just wish it hadn't. 

And you ask why I call them weak, they're weak because they are not man enough to tell their intentions to a woman initially. Instead the connive and manipulate them in order to accomplish their plan. That is wack because clearly you're doing too much, even a guy who hires prostitiutes doesn't do that much work and he's getting a cheaper price. Trust me, it'll save you so much more money to get a hooker. A guy who can't be true to himself and whoever he is approaching is weak. There cannot even be confidence when you tell someone you just want to sleep with them, that is not a prideful statement, doesn't it sound so dirty? Yeah, like I said Weak.

You can never know anyone's heart towards you, just your heart towards them.

Anyway, I know some will take this personally. Don't. I am not speaking to anyone specific, I am referring to a series of events in my life.


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