Love Ain't No Child's Play

Love ain’t no childs play. Its deeper than a back-stab wound from an ex-lova to a faithful brotha that put his all into his brown-suga chocolate thang. It’s was all gravy in the beginning, but then she got comfortable, reciting childish lies, throwing them at him with two-year-old temper tantrums as if he was boo-boo the fool. He knew what was going on, but he took a train back to where it all started with her playful eyes. Now brotha wasn’t a stranger to the danger the girls call the “eye”. Danger because she could smash the homies, and danger because it was unknown territory. This “eye” does wonders, I mean it has the ability to let the receiver know he or she’s been chose. Like playa’s do. Call him a fool for seeing the signs but looking at that fine bottle of expensive wine of a body, all stop signs look like red-lights after 2am, so he ran them all. That weird curiosity, honestly, drove 17 muscles in his finely chiseled face to part his lips and smile, then effortlessly say “Hello beautiful”. In return, she let him in. She put her guard down, and playfully she, glanced back. She was a sight to see, eyes so deep with tunnels that ran directly to her soul. Etched on the walls were her thoughts and memories written with passion, truth, pain, desire, and a splash of love. Within that glimpse he wandered through those tunnels, learning about each splash of words. Dates went by and he explored her tunnels with questions and commanding doors to be opened. This tunnel grew deeper and deeper, steeper, rockier, darker, and colder. “Where does this lead?” He picked at the door with the sign written in blood, it read “The Real Me”. Taking a step in, the light shined so bright it seeped through his body. The room was so warm, and cozy, and an aura of love radiated like a fragrance he’d never smelled before. It was beauty at its prime stage. He felt so privileged she allowed him to see this side of her, a side that she only showed a man that took time to figure her out. A man who had patience, a man that loved her flaws, a man that was understanding, a man that did not criticize her for her past. A man that did not rush into sexual relations or feel that it was owed to him because of his courtship with her. At first, she played games in order to see if he could withstand her complexity, but after awhile when she noticed he wouldn’t give up, she gave in. 

Love, does conquer all, but it will take a man willing to wait to conquer his dream woman's heart.