Lauryn Hill Speaks Truth

This entire month has been a rocky one, and week by week I've been thrown the same situation with one specific lesson to be learned. As I watched this video, it highlighted the same lesson that was in front of me all throughout. "Conquer whats on the inside, before you conquer anything else". As Lauryn said, you can expect to go out there and just annihilate all of your enemies if you can't even recognize that you yourself could be a hindrance and an enemy towards your own life. I personally know that I have a lot of work to do on the inside, and that God is not threw with me yet. I spend a lot of time by myself, thinking, planning, creating ideas, but the moment of truth is here, and I need to develop more character. Like she said, everybody has baggage. Plus, we're all younger than we think. God considers anyone younger than 100 years as a child. I'm glad I'm recognizing this earlier than necessary. I also noted that she spoke about substance being created after experience. They go hand in hand. Without experience, what story do you really have to tell? What lesson can you personally learn if you don't go through anything? Life is a test, a test to see if you can go through up's and downs, learning and mastership, and still come out righteous and still love the creator which sent you to this place. As Job said in the bible, we can't just accept only good from God. The world would be in eden. Essentially I will continue to pray for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. I will also pray to KNOW HOW TO LOVE (hmm, good idea for a future post). 


Retromus-ik said...

Lauryn Hill is a wise one. True, we must conquer our inner demons! God is with you, no worries;)