What Men Answered in my "Bachelor's Quiz" (Episode 1)

Last year I was curious enough about the male species to create a 21 Questioned Quiz, which I administered over the phone to some and the rest I did in person. It was all about Bachelors, and the lives they live. Some were current bachelors, and one was not. Each week, I will combine each of their answers for a specific question.  I bet you're wondering why I spent my time asking these questions to these men, but I did it because I know it is essential to the lives of the general public (women mostly) because women do things that get ruled out as "wife" material and into the "bopper" or the girl they just go to for shit. I asked a lot of juicy questions, and believe me I got some REAL JUICY answers. 

QuestionWhat type of girls do you look for? (Personality, looks, intellectual ability, etc)


"Funny, something going for herself, supportive of what he does, a female that compliments you, plays her position (lets him do what he does, helps him, doesn't nag). "

"Goal-oriented, funny, laid-back, sensual (in touch with their femininity), freaky, honest with you and herself"

"Grown woman, funny, smart, saved"

"Smart, pretty, fun, church going, open minded, well dressed"

"Funny, outgoing, her personality has to be sexy, will be open to anything depending on what it is"

"Genuine, nice person, kind-hearted, sense of humor, good values, morals, strong religious beliefs, spontaneous, educated, business oriented"

"Funny, nice, laid back, smart, good cook"

"Laid back, chill with, freaky, able to talk to, hold a convo, can play with (can tae a joke), but knows when to get serious, smart girl, good hygiene."

"Talker, has a backbone, will argue, very opinionated, Nose and smile"

"Smart, funny, honest (main), polite, has manners, well dressed (fly),"

"Smart, laid back, cool, outgoing, funny, talk to about anything, not a liar, classy, friendly."

"Intelligent girl, sense of humor, open-minded" 

"Outgoing, Nice smile, Funny, Doing something with themselves, Makes you work for her love"

As you can see these are each separate quotes from the interviews I did and each guy had the same type of response. I did an un-biased one-on-one interview with each guy, so they didn't have any idea what the other guys said..until after the interview. Ladies, this is what men what. A cool, laid-back girl, that can make them laugh, teach them something new with her intellect, smell good, be honest, can make a good meal, and etc. Do a check-list of yourself, are you even close to what these guys described? Any man will love you for you even if you can't provide all the above, but would you want to overachieve and satisfy your man in every way if he does for you? Like I said, this is to benefit the women, because some just wonder why they DON'T have a man. 

Stay tuned for the next question...