The Cockblocking Must Come To an End

Don't charge me up for being away from you for so long, but a new post is beyond over due. This is my therapy.. so lets get right on to it.
Over the past few weeks I've experienced two crazy situations. The first situation happened during a party that I was invited to by one of my homeboys. I got there sober, so I was laid back waiting for the partying to get after awhile people started to arrive, but it he seemed to want to be under me the entire time. See me, I'm not for that. It got irritating, like my dude, STEP OFF! Its a party setting, can I get my swerve on sitting where I am, and not be pestered? STOP THE CUFFING IN THE PARTYS unless she's your main guys! Women don't like that. But that wasn't even the worst part. I walked behind a couple of guys in order to get a napkin, and they obviously were choosing, cause all 3 of their heads followed my direction. I was bored, and they entertained me with jokes, and one guy liked my voice. Anyway, one guy ultimately enforced the rule that whoever peeped first gets the girl, and so he gave me his number (after much hesitation because he thought I wasnt going to call) then UP walks my friend that invited me, and pulls my arm and walks me away from them. WTF! It felt like an out of body experience, like "Is this really happening in your life" type moment. FLAG ON THE PLAY! What kind of cockblockin was that! He got an aggressive text that day smh. 

Playas, STOP THE COCKBLOCKIN. Playas always get chose, if your game is tight, she know it is already. Don't sweat the small stuff. Cute girls will always get chose.


Retromus-ik said...

Interesting...I'm eager to see where this leads.