What Men Answered in my "Bachelor's Quiz" (Episode 1)

Last year I was curious enough about the male species to create a 21 Questioned Quiz, which I administered over the phone to some and the rest I did in person. It was all about Bachelors, and the lives they live. Some were current bachelors, and one was not. Each week, I will combine each of their answers for a specific question.  I bet you're wondering why I spent my time asking these questions to these men, but I did it because I know it is essential to the lives of the general public (women mostly) because women do things that get ruled out as "wife" material and into the "bopper" or the girl they just go to for shit. I asked a lot of juicy questions, and believe me I got some REAL JUICY answers. 

QuestionWhat type of girls do you look for? (Personality, looks, intellectual ability, etc)


"Funny, something going for herself, supportive of what he does, a female that compliments you, plays her position (lets him do what he does, helps him, doesn't nag). "

"Goal-oriented, funny, laid-back, sensual (in touch with their femininity), freaky, honest with you and herself"

"Grown woman, funny, smart, saved"

"Smart, pretty, fun, church going, open minded, well dressed"

"Funny, outgoing, her personality has to be sexy, will be open to anything depending on what it is"

"Genuine, nice person, kind-hearted, sense of humor, good values, morals, strong religious beliefs, spontaneous, educated, business oriented"

"Funny, nice, laid back, smart, good cook"

"Laid back, chill with, freaky, able to talk to, hold a convo, can play with (can tae a joke), but knows when to get serious, smart girl, good hygiene."

"Talker, has a backbone, will argue, very opinionated, Nose and smile"

"Smart, funny, honest (main), polite, has manners, well dressed (fly),"

"Smart, laid back, cool, outgoing, funny, talk to about anything, not a liar, classy, friendly."

"Intelligent girl, sense of humor, open-minded" 

"Outgoing, Nice smile, Funny, Doing something with themselves, Makes you work for her love"

As you can see these are each separate quotes from the interviews I did and each guy had the same type of response. I did an un-biased one-on-one interview with each guy, so they didn't have any idea what the other guys said..until after the interview. Ladies, this is what men what. A cool, laid-back girl, that can make them laugh, teach them something new with her intellect, smell good, be honest, can make a good meal, and etc. Do a check-list of yourself, are you even close to what these guys described? Any man will love you for you even if you can't provide all the above, but would you want to overachieve and satisfy your man in every way if he does for you? Like I said, this is to benefit the women, because some just wonder why they DON'T have a man. 

Stay tuned for the next question...


Passion at Second Meet

He kissed me, and I kissed him back. Lips so soft I didn't want to kiss him too hard so as to not damage them. Eyes close to seal the moment. It felt so unreal. I haven't enjoyed kissing like this in awhile. Was that a chill? Wait though, lets rewind a bit, how it did we get HERE, in the room, with our lips colliding in such a magical force pushing them together. Its a story of passion at second meet. 

..earlier that night

We were all having normal conversation, about life, men, women, music, anything you could think of. As more people started to get comfortable with themselves, the shots started to take their effect. Couple shots of patron and some more shots of vodka can take their toll on a girl that hasn't felt a buzz in awhile. I precoded to work the room, conversing with men and women of different walks of life. I love conversation, it really rules the nation. 

Ok, so as the night went on, I hear these bee's in my ear pretty much accusing me of not being able to hold my liq-or. C'mon, I'ma grown ass woman, I got this. So I proceeded to flow around the room, having good time. Then he walks up to me, asks me how I feel. I look up laughing like, "Good, but, why you keep askin?" Deep in my soul, something said he cared thats why. But, how  can my soul say that its just our second meet? 

"Cause for some reason  I feel like I'm supposed to look out for you, like a big brother or somethin...lil sis" - His words interrupted my entire drunken thought process. My loud ass says... "Lil sister? Oh nooo, I'm not down". He wonders why, and I couldn't even explain why. Next memory is him guiding me over to the couch to discuss more. He asked me questions from then on, and I remember him liking my answers so much as to give me a couple high-fives. The questions are still a blur. 

Blurry as my eyes. But I caught I glimpse of his watch, and I wanted to wear it. So I asked. He told me it has sentimental value and blahblahlah, and he said he had another one and it was located at home, in his room. To the room we went, but no watch, just a kiss. And more kisses. And even MORE kisses. Just kisses though, nothing more. 

But...my head was spinning. I told him, and he kissed my forehead and told me that, that should help. I opened my eyes, but it was still spinning. Another kiss. I opened my eyes, to see the room wasn't spinning anymore. Hmm, I hope this isn't juju magic lol. I was relieved though, but how did we get there? 

Either way, I kind of needed that spark. Needed, and indirectly wanted it. It felt too right. Usually when guys kiss me, I dread it and cringe inside, but not that time. Thank You


The Cockblocking Must Come To an End

Don't charge me up for being away from you for so long, but a new post is beyond over due. This is my therapy.. so lets get right on to it.
Over the past few weeks I've experienced two crazy situations. The first situation happened during a party that I was invited to by one of my homeboys. I got there sober, so I was laid back waiting for the partying to get poppington.com.. after awhile people started to arrive, but it he seemed to want to be under me the entire time. See me, I'm not for that. It got irritating, like my dude, STEP OFF! Its a party setting, can I get my swerve on sitting where I am, and not be pestered? STOP THE CUFFING IN THE PARTYS unless she's your main guys! Women don't like that. But that wasn't even the worst part. I walked behind a couple of guys in order to get a napkin, and they obviously were choosing, cause all 3 of their heads followed my direction. I was bored, and they entertained me with jokes, and one guy liked my voice. Anyway, one guy ultimately enforced the rule that whoever peeped first gets the girl, and so he gave me his number (after much hesitation because he thought I wasnt going to call) then UP walks my friend that invited me, and pulls my arm and walks me away from them. WTF! It felt like an out of body experience, like "Is this really happening in your life" type moment. FLAG ON THE PLAY! What kind of cockblockin was that! He got an aggressive text that day smh. 

Playas, STOP THE COCKBLOCKIN. Playas always get chose, if your game is tight, she know it is already. Don't sweat the small stuff. Cute girls will always get chose.


I still want a bottom piece grill..





Fly Bitch Shades


Morning lovin'



I Want That Old Thing Back