What if segregation still went on?

What if we had NO integration and all black children went to all black schools with black teachers? I have to agree with my teach Mrs. Williams that the black teachers would have nurtured us  and taught us to embrace our beautiful black shades and our culture. They would have given us a lesson on our history and why where are here, and given us hope to aspire beyond the sea because we are STRONG BLACK PEOPLE. But now a days, well as I was growing up, being my color and being African most importantly got me into many word spats. Black kids would call me and "African-booty scratcher" and tease me about my name, as if I was less than them. I was always confused as to where they came from since they were same color as me. Like, why are you calling me names when we both are black? 

I honestly think its because their parents lacked the education and connection with Africans and so therefore they had no knowledge to say about Africa or Africans. They couldn't inform their kids on where they specifically came from, as If the past generation were embarrassed of losing such a connection. And when someone is embarrassed of something, they tend to suppress that memory. If the memory is suppressed, how can it be retrieved to pass on. This cycle has been going on for years, and I have to remind my sister every day that black is beautiful and that there is nothing wrong with it. 

And not to mention some teachers these days are good for nothing, they treat this job just like the title "a job". But means so much more, because at times the teacher spends more time with the children than the parents do. They're cultivating the children in their classes. Yet, they're worried about getting a check. 

I don't think integration did anything but separate us Black people the more. We should've asked for the same quality of education that the white students were getting, but still having the choice to stay at our black schools. Because now we have some of these crappy white teachers who don't give a shit about the black children. And render them useless from day one. I'm sure some black teachers do the same, but I'd find that rare because they'd try to at least identify with their own kind first. So what can we do now to change these styles that teachers have? What can we do to erase this negative thought that tends to instill in our minds at an early age that BLACK is bad or negative?

Because, the future of our children is at stake. And I can't have my children's mind polluted with lies.


RoByn LaTice said...

I wrote a poem expressing similar thought to yours above! I also painted a lovely picture of Elizabeth to go along with it. Nice blog!

ash.bee said...

Send me the link to it, so I can also view it.