RIP JJ aka Shoota Mac

 On my first day meeting you, you were soo cool. Goofy as I don't know what lol, with that smile lol. Even when I saw you on the streets you'd either make a funny face or smile. Yet some cold hearted person took your life yesterday morning. Weird thing is that I saw you around 1:45am earlier that morning. Although you have left the earth physically, you will always be in everyone's heart that you've come across, whether friends of foe. They know. Although we weren't close, you were still a cool stranger.  I pray for your family and friends at this time for God to sooth their hearts and their pain. Thank You.

As you mingle in heaven with our heavenly father who you so visibly feared and personally sought to be close to, I know you've got on that million dollar smile while you're watching us. 
Thanks for just being you, and exuding an un-prideful confidence.