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 G-Spot by Noire
ISBN: 9780739450284

DON'T GET IT TWISTED, its more of a love story opposed to a freaky book. G-Spot is a club, and not what you were thinking.

"Nineteen-year-old Juicy Stanfield is living every girl’s dream. She’s dripping with diamonds, rocks the latest gear and lives in a luxury penthouse. See, Juicy’s “sugar-daddy” is Granite “G” McKay, a 46-year-old gangster and owner of the G-Spot, a popular strip club in Harlem. He took in Juicy and her brother Jimmy after their grandmother died and in return he gained control of every aspect of their lives. Although Juicy enjoys the lavish lifestyle G provides, she grows bored in the bedroom with a man that’s old enough to be her father. Her hormones spin out of control when G’s adult son returns home, and the trouble begins when their casual romp turns into something more. In a game where loyalty means everything, Juicy learns that freedom may come at a hefty price."

 Nervous by: Zane
ISBN: 9780743476232

For all my PSYCHOLOGY majors, this book is a good read. It talks about a girl with multiple personality disorder. "A woman that, in her mind, is a virgin, but she suffers from multiple personalities and [whose alter ego] Jude is a whore. The contrast between the two was a delight to write." - Zane


RoByn LaTice said...

Nervous is my favorite Zane book! LOVE IT! & I still havent gotten around to readin G-Spot yet.