At the end, they want you to pledge your allegiance

Don't do it.


khalfani℠ said...

i don't know if i buy into the whole illuminati thing . i'm not for the whole doing shit cause it's cool thing , so i can see how it has potential to become dangerous . . .

but ehhh . who knows ?

Buddie.Fresh said...

who cares??

the ROC is in the building!!

ash.bee said...

True, no one really knows BUT I can't believe this ploy that its for entertainment because it's actually turning some of his fans away. Since the begining of time there was a battle between Good and Evil and it til this day EXISTS (the devil is not somewhere chillin waiting for his demise, like bitter people with AIDs he's try'na take as many people as he can with him) and what better way than music? Fall into this trap, if you're a Christian, don't let "Worldly" music captivate you because it will only influence you in a "worldly" way, and as Christians we do not conform to the ways of the world.


girl i am with you on this !
i aint holding that shit up .
Jay-Z is wayyy to smart to come
right out and say 'oh i worship the devil' but his lyrics and videos has satanic all over it.