Wiz Khalifa - This Plane

He's too thoed. His voice is too smooth like...


Rihanna - Rude Boy Video

I just like the video. 


A Fine Chocolate Man



I really want to go



John B. Coleman 4th Floor

Can't wait


At the end, they want you to pledge your allegiance

Don't do it.


Wiz Khalifa - Kush x Orange Juice

"Watch the niggas you run with, I done seen niggas that had allof their dreams fucked over over some dumb shit. And make no assumptions" - Wiz

I'm copp'n that album



Sounds From Hell

If you don't believe in hell or heaven, then you must not believe we exist for a reason.


RIP JJ aka Shoota Mac

 On my first day meeting you, you were soo cool. Goofy as I don't know what lol, with that smile lol. Even when I saw you on the streets you'd either make a funny face or smile. Yet some cold hearted person took your life yesterday morning. Weird thing is that I saw you around 1:45am earlier that morning. Although you have left the earth physically, you will always be in everyone's heart that you've come across, whether friends of foe. They know. Although we weren't close, you were still a cool stranger.  I pray for your family and friends at this time for God to sooth their hearts and their pain. Thank You.

As you mingle in heaven with our heavenly father who you so visibly feared and personally sought to be close to, I know you've got on that million dollar smile while you're watching us. 
Thanks for just being you, and exuding an un-prideful confidence.



by: Kevin A. Williams


My Bookshelf

 G-Spot by Noire
ISBN: 9780739450284

DON'T GET IT TWISTED, its more of a love story opposed to a freaky book. G-Spot is a club, and not what you were thinking.

"Nineteen-year-old Juicy Stanfield is living every girl’s dream. She’s dripping with diamonds, rocks the latest gear and lives in a luxury penthouse. See, Juicy’s “sugar-daddy” is Granite “G” McKay, a 46-year-old gangster and owner of the G-Spot, a popular strip club in Harlem. He took in Juicy and her brother Jimmy after their grandmother died and in return he gained control of every aspect of their lives. Although Juicy enjoys the lavish lifestyle G provides, she grows bored in the bedroom with a man that’s old enough to be her father. Her hormones spin out of control when G’s adult son returns home, and the trouble begins when their casual romp turns into something more. In a game where loyalty means everything, Juicy learns that freedom may come at a hefty price."

 Nervous by: Zane
ISBN: 9780743476232

For all my PSYCHOLOGY majors, this book is a good read. It talks about a girl with multiple personality disorder. "A woman that, in her mind, is a virgin, but she suffers from multiple personalities and [whose alter ego] Jude is a whore. The contrast between the two was a delight to write." - Zane


Dutch The Trilogy (MUST READ)

This is the BEST book I've ever read, besides the bible. It's full of adventure, mystery, survival, love, money, sex, betrayal, and not to mention some real gangsta shit, plus so much more. I would recommend this to any and everyone for a good read. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. This book got me into a reading frenzy. It is described as:

" The story of a heinous East Coast drug lord and his crew as they taunt, terrorize and take over the streets of New Jersey . James Bernard Jr., a.k.a. Dutch, is feared by all, and completely fearless. He and his dangerous clique are the most terrifying force on the streets and able to stay that way thanks to some important allies in high places. D.A. Anthony Jacobs is determined to take Dutch down, but he doesn't realize just how few witnesses he has willing to testify, and how a sudden turn of events could make his mission more complicated and deadly than he ever could have imagined."

P.S. A man by the name of Kwame Teague really wrote this book, but he is in jail at the moment so it is being released under Teri Woods. Plus there is a a Party 2 and 3. I've read all three of course. =)

Dutch The Trilogy

ISBN: 9781615236459


We've Got to Do Better

Over the years, there's been a lot of controversy about our generation. How dudes sagg their pants (which I don't approve of), to saying the word "nigga", to the most recent, how we we're so care free. I understand how people can think that, because look where we have come? The generation before us was all about the civil rights, having marches, rallies, boycotts and what not, fighting for them and for the future children. We are the future that they were fighting for. We are now reaping the benefits from all the terrible acts that those strong black men stood up against. Yet, we take take take without a lesson as to how easy it is for us to take.

When slaves were taken from Africa and brought to this stolen land they still were familiar with their language, I'm sure they spoke it amongst their people either in secret or in private. Yet, as time passed the language faded away also. My point is that if something isn't discussed, used, emphasized, it may be lost or incomplete. We as a people need to do better. Look at the Hispanics, all of their children are bilingual. That still surprises me.

As I was growing up, I could fluently speak my native language which is "Yoruba" (Nigeria). And when I say fluently, I mean a full on-going discussion when I was 3 years old, but as I grew older I stopped speaking it and spoke more english. I still understand, yet I don't speak Yoruba as much. But I can't say all of this without applying it to my own life, I must practice what I preach. So my plan is to take my children to Nigeria to raise them there for a couple year so they can carry on my language.

--Overall, It's up to the previous generation and us to instill the memories of what took place on this land several years ago. We do have it nice, all these laws against race discrimination and sex discrimination, we have the right to sue people. They really didn't. We even have this beautiful Historically Black College: Prairie View A&M University. Take advantage, learn why your teachers still teach at these various schools. Pick up a book, read up on African History from African publishers.


Party Boyz Flex Video

Shout out to the homies, they've come a long way. Tripple D stand up... (still wesssst up)