Single and Waiting

After 21 years of strolling this earth, flirting on and offline I still can't seem to find a match. Arrgh how being single is a curse yet a blessing. You can flirt with whoever, see whoever, but you don't have one to call your OWN. Yeah the guys that holla at me be fine , but for the most part have ulterior motives, but end up getting their lives changed by my conversation. I learn something from them too, DON'T TRUST no man cept your daddy. Then there are the playas, the smooove bruthas that don't want exclusive relationships UNTIL they get the booty. 

..It don't work like that with me playa, SORRY,  you gotta meet me half way bruh.

..But that's besides the point , I want a guy to call mine. The right guy. Not a perfect guy, not even a Prince Charming. I want a guy with flaws, but more good attributes than flaws. Flaws make a person unique and show their struggle; a life story. Of course he must be attractive to my eyes, and swell with his words. Smarter than the average bear , and performs like a Pretty Ricky album... I'm just sayin

I do feel that there is a perfect guy out there for me. Yet I can't force finding him , I'm sure he'll come when he's ordained to step in my life and that's probably when I get my shit together and learn more about myself. When I'm at the point where I won't chase him away with being selfish or stubborn. 

But God can I get a little teaser? I just wanna see him, a least once for the mean time.


i feel you on this ALL THE WAY !
this topic has been on my mind for days now. more so since 2010 has came in. at first i thought it was because i LOVE Valentines day and its fastly approaching BUT its been ongoing for a while... hm .

thanks for posting !
i loved it.

good luck.
hope to read update on this soon !

madd love.