Jay-Z: My Outlook

I'm sure you're heard or even speculated yourself that Jay-Z is apart of the Freemasons. Videos, comments, and other sources of media have filled the internet and tv stations on this speculation. Evidence so blatantly undeniable to even a common fool. I'm not concerned with him as an individual because he has made his own decision, yet I'm concerned for those being taken captive by his words, so smooth, so clever, so finely presented. Which one us can honestly say that a sweet talker couldn't talk you out of something precious to you. But, that which is most precious that the evils seek is your soul. Day and night people wage war to win each of our souls.

How do you honestly think evil people will win over your soul? Do you think it is by throwing atrocities and hardships your way? Hurting you? Deceiving you? Or lavishing you with riches, fame, money, women, properties? I you guess that, then you are correct. Why  would they want to mistreat you, who would follow someone that mistreats them? Those kind of people are not loyal are they? NO. And thats what they want, loyal people who are willing to help them accomplish their plan. (What is their plan you ask? I will get to that) Yet let it be understood that anything that the devil gives with his right hand, he still takes back from it with his left hand. As the quote goes "Mo money, mo problems". UNTRUE. The God that I serve gives with no sorrow added. Now that you have that understanding that evil people will lure you in with things that seem like "fine" things, the question is how can you tell apart what is God's fine things and what are the devils "fine" things? Understand that the devil does not come to to steal, kill, and to destroy. That is his plan, and to carry out his plan he needs followers. Besides his demons, he will use people. You already know how they get this people, but the key is that the devil will try to always replicate what God does. Now apply the no sorrow added rule that God has.

Moving on, I want to tackle Jay-Z's subject. People argue that his music is just mere entertainment. Music is not just entertainment. A person in a happy mood can change to a sad mood, a sad mood to a happy mood. It's influential. Its at times soothing to the soul. The devil was the most beautiful and the best singer in the choir when he was in heaven. It is understood that he is amongst us humans on this earth, and that he is recruiting people to join him at his end. Why wouldn't he use music is what I want to ask everyone? What would stop him if he was the best at it in heaven. And that's all they do in heaven (haha like i been there) is to praise God. Moreover, the influence that Jay-Z has on people is mighty. I know a guy who said God forgive him, that he practically "worshiped Jay-Z" at one point. 

I see it like this, as we build the Christian army, the evil are building theirs through several means. Be aware of what you are persuing. Because the difference between me as a Christian is that I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and I believe that he died on the cross for you and I. The Lamb of God. 

Some people argue that its just a ploy for him to make money. But how? He's mad his millions, he sold rocafella for more than 200 million dollars. He does tours, his wife is a millionaire also. He has a bunch of new artists. His new clothing line. He's made his money man.

On the Empire State of Mind song. He said that "Jesus cant save you, life starts when the church ends". People say that he's talking about a girl in that verse right? My first point is that if he is talking a girl in that song, why doesn't his video reflect that? 2nd point, that line is a statement. He's the one thats describing the girl, he's the one that feels that Jesus cant save her, life starts when the church ends. It's not the girls feelings towards the situation, it his. Right? He could've said "Jesus can't save her, her life starts when the church ends" so steer him clear, but he worded it as his personal statement on her situation. 

To Be cont...


**OnYxStA** said...

i'm not a blind follower, just a fan. but i'm sure my views count & i beg to differ with your comments...


ash.bee said...

Ok, but understand this the world is full of symbolism, imagery, subliminal messages that tend to indirectly take in. God knows how easily it takes for us to be influenced, so that is why he reminds us in his word not to be of the world. I read your post, and noticed that you quoted some bible verses.

I suggest you take a deeper look within to evaluate yourself and if you coincide with the word. If Jesus was riding with you in your car, do you think he would TRULY appreciate the message that Jay-z is sending? Why would he? It isn't glorifying him right.