I want to go CURLY

(Via Traci) How to repeat the above hairstyle
I've slightly modified the way that you set the twists/rollers because my hair is really thick with small, dense corkscrews all over. When I tried twisting to the ends before putting on the rollers, my hair resulted in these weird, flat, curly crinkles all over. So instead of twisting all the way to the ends, I just twist about 3/4 of the way down then set the ends on rollers. I use DevaCare One conditioner to style and Palmer's coconut oil hair milk to seal the ends before rolling. I like thick, bouncy "gypsy curls" so I usually use the same medium-sized rollers all over (I think they're 15/16") and I make about 10 - 12 twists in total. I usually sit under a dryer for at least an hour to help speed up the drying process before I go to bed. The results are usually soft, juicy spirals.

..I think I want to try this out