Over the past few days, I've yearned for someone. Don't get it twisted, not in a sexual way, but I just wanted him to be near me. Just to talk. Smile up at me. Hear his laugh. Notice him watching me, waiting for me to do something silly. Nothing more, and nothing less than that.

I love his adoration. Adoration you see, is a powerful thing. Everyone wants to be adored and wanted, and accepted. Everyone wants an admirer. Someone to tell them they're funny, smile in their face all of the time, or even when your mood changes they notice and ask you the problem. Even read your blog and ask challenge or question you about something you wrote. Ha. But it shows you that they're taking time to notice you, and take notes about you.

....and I love that.

The problem with dating and talking to someone these days is because one person, after time, tends to adore the other more than the other person adores them. Dig it? There is no balance you see, and what happens on a balance scale when one weighs more than the other? One rises and one falls.

There needs to be an Equilibrium. A balance. A sense that he/she adores you as much as you adore him/her.


All White LUSH Bday Extravaganza !

It was the best day ever. favorite picture, look at my face. LUSHH up.