Kiss and Tails: The Hollywood Jumpoff *Explicit*

Before Karrine Steffans, there were groupies, and after her there will be groupies. She just told her story to get more shine and more cash. Guess you gotta get it how you live it, and she's lived it. These men should'nt have messed with her in the first place, that how I see it, and they wouldn't be put on blast. We'll, there they have their encounters with her in black and white, on almost everyones book shelf. Oh well, you learn from your mistakes you fools. Anyway, I laughed throughout this movie. Especially at the stories these guys told about their groupie encounters. Akon?? Really?? I hope it was fake.. You'll understand when you watch.


Howard University

I think Prairie View should make a video like this. To promote our beautiful school. When I get back on campus, I will start working on it.


Does anyone hear me?

With over 2000 years of civilization, man kind has learned to read, write, feel, walk, talk, and etcetera. Yet, has not learned to love. Selfish motives drive us to an individualistic mind-frame that is not of us, but of an European state of mind which we as original Africans have forcefully adopted. But that is another topic. I'm sure if you're a reader, you notice that I talk about love a lot. Friends. Associates. Strangers. Next door neighbors come to mind when people are in need of help.

Why is it so hard for people to love unconditionally. Is it because they are scared to have their hearts broken? Scared that they may do a good deed and the person to whom they helped may not show gratitude? Jesus said that if your brother was to slap you, turn the other cheek. But can people do that?

Everyone is still stuck in their dark alley on lovers lane.