Happiness can't be bought

Close your eyes.. imagine what I see..

From a distance, my heart began to float from inside of my chest.. I was so speechless. It was beautiful. Ahead of me I saw beautiful blue waters had no other name but immaculate, emphasized by clear skies and pure white clouds overhead. The waves were as countable as the hairs on my head, as they hit the surface of land. Exhale. God is great.. Two gray handmade chairs sat under an exotic palm tree, awaiting us. The sand left grains on my feet as I walked towards the chairs.. in sync with it.

As we travel, hand in hand, I looked into those dark brown eyes, hinted with a dot that showed a melanin overflow, buttery smooth chocolate skin that made you question its authenticity, cheek bones of an royal African heir, a cute little nose. Here comes a smile.. that radiantly bright smile that showed off a set of straight white teeth, perfectly crafted lips that defined sweetness, not to mention those God made ears with creases in the right places. "I'm so glad you're here with me"..

As the breeze caught us both, he swiftly lifted my other hand from my side. I turned to face him. Handsome was his name. Crafted by the architect of all architects, from his physiological to his mental capacity, to his physical as a prince. There goes that smile again. A mutual smile graced his gorgeous lips as if he read my mind, and I'm sure he did. We all moved towards the handmade chairs, and sequentially sat down in each seat at the right time. I cant deny that we were surround by the radiance of peace and happiness of God. A sign of his approval. That is when I made my decision, we're made for each other.

Yet I was careful to hence the warning of the other one holding my hand, she said "Wumi, the happiness and peace of the almighty will reign in all aspects of your life and fulfill you with a tranquility that can never be replaced if you do one thing. That is to never deny that Jesus Christ is lord, and hold on to this hand forever.. let it go, and you let go of your happiness and your peace ".

I looked at her hand, and my eyes trailed back up to her identical face, I will never let go, I said.Which confirmed that "it" I was in sync with was the Holy Spirit, as me and handsome sat in our chairs.

All in all, there is not a currency that can pay for happiness and peace. Ultimately Happiness && Peace start with the teachings of Jesus Christ that are centered around LOVE. But in order to love others, you must love yourself. Embrace your body, from your eyes, to skin tone, to your cheeks, to your smile, even to your ears. Know who you are.

[Recommended Track: Chante Moore - Wey u]