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The Definition of Friend

Friends? The ones we laugh with, dine with, spill are hearts to, ask for advice, tell our ideas to, go out with, let borrow our belongings, build a tower of love and loyalty. Thats what friends are. Right? I looked up the word friend from two resources, each having 3 key properties to the word. A person to who you Know, Like, and Trust.

The friendship checklist..

I've noticed that "Friend" is used so very loosely these days. Meet a person and after a month you consider yourselves friends. I'd actually call that a homie. I mean, humans are so mysterious, you'll never know what they're really thinking and what their intentions are. Their unconscious minds are locked up in deep parts of their brain. So deep that they don't even know that they exist or how and when to retrieve them. Scientists or Psychologists are still on the persuit of dissecting the human brain in order to figure out its biological functions and processes. Why we do the things that we do, and when we do it, what caused that response. Are our instincts innate or conditioned?

Lets get back on track..

Rule number one is: Trust no one. I can dig it. Because people ride for self, and when it comes to saving them or you, its going to be them. Rule number 2: Think before you act. People today are reactors, and not thinkers. Reactors: people that dont think before they act and are face with the only choice to react when things go sour. You should have known the consequences before you did what you done and referred to rule number 1 which was to TRUST NO ONE. Why? Because no one cares about you more than yourself, so therefore you have to look out for yourself.

Moreover, you can never know someones heart towards you, only your heart towards them. The realest quote that I live by, because it is just so real. Me for example, I look out for people more than they want to look out for me. I go out of my way to please people, yet when it comes time for me to get help, I sometimes get the short hand of the stick. When my situation is in their lap, they review it and treat it as a petty case and don't give much effort. But can I stop doing good to people? Should I limit the good that I do? God said that my reward is in heavan, not here on earth. Their praises, and thank you's don't mean a thing but the mere tingle of carbon dioxide excaping into my nose.

Friends right?

Haha, its okay. I don't express my feelings too much unless something major was done to me, but God knows my heart and I'm sure that they do to. I bet you think this post is about you.. but really this is not directed at anyone in particular so don't get it twisted. Or maybe you're the one treating your friends like shit, think about how many people will have nice things to say about you at your funeral. Or if people will even show up. It's important to not worry of the risk of doing right, just do it, karma does work in good ways also.