Unitiled... so just read

Distraught. Confused. Manipulated. Forced to cope. I describe our ancestors during slavery, who carried our freedom on their on their backs as they took the beatings and verbal abuse. Taken from their rightful homes, in order to fulfill a selfish mans greedy dreams. Culture was stripped from their clothes, memories from their belongings. Yet, they still made music. Music heals the soul. Drums beating, foots stomping, eyes closed so the melodies could take them to a peaceful land. Horns, dancing, singing, praising the one and only Universal God. Thanks being given to Jesus for dying for their sins. Thanks that they still, had each other.

Yet. Culture was still stripped from them. They had to adapt. To the scraps that were left from the white mans kitchen. A diet that did not fulfill their hungry or their melanin on their skin. We may all be humans first, but our bodies do differ in the essence that what white people eat is not good for us. We had more pigment in our skins which cause for a different diet. Look at the statistics, African-Americans are usually in high risk for most of the diseases. High Blood pressure, Diabetes, and others. Why is that so? FOOD! I was shocked when I found out that people still ate chitlins and meatloaf, among other scraps that they formulated into meals. Overall, even though culture has been stripped from African Americans, there is an alternative that should be taught to your children. First and foremost, CANDY IS UNHEALTHY. No matter how many calories are taken out, or "no sugar added" it doesn't matter, its all chemicals that are mixed with color added to it. If you don't like processed chicken, go to your local butcher shop and ask for the 5 for $20. Which is 5 chickens for $20. Healthier chicken, and you get to chose which one you want. Cut out sweet things. Cancer cells feed from sugar.

Remember, we eat to sustain our bodies.