Spread Your Word

For the first time since I've been living in Houston, I've passed Lakewood Church numerous times. Yet, today was the day that God said I'd find myself seated in a chair, listening to Joel Osteen's ministration. A seed was forever planted in me, which is invisibly at this moment, changing my life. I mouthed during the benediction that I will never be the same, never, never, never, and it will been so.

He spoke of these new generation of seedless watermelons that we all enjoy eating during the summer. Although they have been genetically altered, they taste good and don't create much of a hassle since you don't have to worry about constantly spitting out seeds. Nevertheless, these altered watermelons can not reproduce, which is the reason seeds are made. So, after these seedless watermelons are eaten, that's the end of their short investment to the world.

Investment is the key word. When people think of investment, they think Wall Street, or buying a house, or investing in a business. Its not exactly that type of investment that I speak of, but the investment of your time to people. To your friends, your family, neighbors, or even a stranger you see with a frown on their face, a simple smile can turn their day around. Moreover, by investment, I mean to pass down something that has held you over through tough times. Lessons that you have learned. Secrets to a business that someone else could use. Techniques in areas that you have experiences in. Useful information that you know other people should know is essential to your happiness when they report their success. By adding value to them, you have added value to yourself and God will help you to accomplish your goals also. Whatever you decide to install into people will forever last inside of them.

Throughout the years of interacting with different races, genders, and cultures, I see the problem to achieving excellence and breakthrough is due to, but not limited, to three things, especially in the black community.They include, selfishness, arrogance, and ignorance. People want to be prosperous, but don't want to help other people become prosperous. I think that some people fear that if they give out their secrets and techniques to their success, they may get out-done. The spotlight will be removed from them, and onto whoever. Which should never be the case. When someone asks you for information and you try to go around it and not tell them, they KNOW what you're doing, and will remember you for that. Although, they came to you for a reason right? I personally want to be known for being a leader, helper, counselor, and mentor. Where I am going, I want to take as many people as I can. What do you think it means when people say "Its lonely at the top". Excellence is shown through serving society instead of living for self. Your contribution to the world entails how your legacy will be told. Think of what do you want people to say about you when you die?

Arrogance is the number one killer of success. How can you need help and also be arrogant at the same time. Sean Combs aka P. Diddy said that when he started to work as a teenager, the first characteristic that he removed was arrogance. What does that tell you? He's a multi-millionaire now, and you're still still sitting on that high horse of yours thinking its all is peachy-cream. Look, there are people who LIVE in this world, and there are people that are just alive. If you don't see the difference, then you need to re-evaluate your state of being. There are people who live an intentioned lives, who feel they have a purpose to serve and those that live intentioned lives, where they they attitudes are carefree and nonchalant. Live an intentioned life.

A seedless watermelon is generated to be eaten without reproduction. A normal watermelon is grown to be eaten and to produce more watermelon. In essence, when you plant a seed of vital information into a person, they then will grow, and with that seed you have planted, they will plant more into other people. Don't continue to keep things to yourself when you know people need know the information you have, spread it all around so other people can be blessed. Sow a seed, so it can grow and continue to live on, even if you are gone. Speak faith into the lives of other people even if it seems in vain now, they will understand its meaning in the future. Joel spoke of a elderly woman that went to his church before when it was at the old location, she would come to the church early in the morning, sit in her seat and begin to pray. She wasn't what most people would call wealthy, or didn't seem like she had what people would call talent, but what she could do was pray. Every time he would walk her way in the sanctuary, she would call him over and pray for him for about 2-3minutes. Every time he walked into the church, it would never fail, she'd call him to pray for him, and he'd smile on the outside, but on the inside he think, "Ohhhh mann, why did I have to walk over here". Throughout the years, she'd taught him how to pray, even though he dreaded it then, she sowed that seed into him and look at him now.

You may think you do not have a talent, but through just words, friendly gestures, discussing past experiences that you've learned, or even taking someone under your wing to mentor serve as sowing a seed. Pass on everything good, you will never be more fulfilled until you install something into someone elses life. We are living a legacy that will be either remembered or forgotten. Why leave a will and no life lesson to your children? It is more useful to leave something in them, them for them. I'm sure there are some people that you look up to and have cativated you. We are put on this earth to encounter other people, with a greater benifit to affect them positivitly than negatively . What do you have that you can pass on?