Short and Simple

I suspect he's told me lie after lie, after lie...after lie. I don't
understand why, because really, we're not together. So, what would cause
him to lie?

Busy is the excuse, occupied is the state that's always used. And later
is when he says he'll hit me up. A busy ass lie is what I think, but
patience is a virtue that I have 98% expertise in it. Yet he thinks I'm
stupid. I mean he has the time to be on TWITTER all day,and all night
cause he following kid cudi but I can't ever get a "what's up" text? Is
it because he doesn't like me like that? Or is it because I'm not on his
important list? I could call and not get a phone call back.. Ever. If a
guy was feeling a girl, wouldn't he, no matter how busy his day is, make
it a point to text her or hit her up at least once a day? The answer is
obvious, so I'm letting him go. Permanently.

As I listened to my friend tell her story, I recommended not to burn
that bridge, because he's probably waiting to cross over it, showing
caution to the street signs. Guys need to be for certain if what they're
inspecting is worth purchasing. She agreed.