Lovely Misconceptions Continued

What more can I say about my love life you ask? Well, unlike some people, I cherish my worth and the priceless price tag attached to me. My rack is located in the back of the back where custom made orders are filled to be tailored, while all already made designers have crafted items for your purchasing needs in the store. It might hurt your feels that your order may not be ready for you yet, but like they say, you cant rush perfection.

In essence, what I am trying to say is that many women sell themselves cheap as if their placed on the sales rack. What they don't understand is that, that is where most people shop first. Use your context clues to figure out what i'm insinuating. Pause. Most men see what cheap things they can get on sale before their money runs out. Sale is you, money equals their lifetime. Then when they get the big stacks, they go straight to the tailor in the back of the back, to choose what they want. See, the logic? Like they say, when the desireable is not available, the available is desireable. Pause.

I've come across many people in my life to know that men do testers to see what they can get away with. If you're an easy target, you'll fall into their trap, which doesn't gurantee commitment, and you'll probably get upset and feel played. I personally haven't been there, but from what my friends tell me about, its all the same shyt.

I don't give a flying shyt about nice words, I can play on words too. Its character trill (true and real) actually genunine actions that should count as worth something. Watch how he treats you with his friends, and if you haven't met his friends yet??? Pause. Moroever, don't get involved with a guy if you haven't sat down with yourself and your God to discuss if you should be involved with that kind of person. There are people who are set in place as traps to detour you away from your goals and destiny. Pay close attention to the signs. Not everyone that acts like they like you really like you. Some have goals to destroy you and take your spot or even just to use you for what you have.

I keep it real %100, and I don't hide my feelings if i dislike. One thing about girls is that if they're content, there are no complaints. If there are complaints, then you need to re-evaluate yourself and what you're doing. Clearly you're not appealing to her in a certain way or pestering or pressuring too much. In my case, I get a lot of clashers, pesturers, and pressurers. I'm very patient though, I hold in until I snap, and thats when the aggressive african comes out. Beware. Just keep it cool, and we'll vibe great.

Ahh, again i'm tired of talking about me. Next segment coming soon.