Lovely Misconceptions about I

My post today was going to be about other peoples love, as it is 8 times out of 10 posts, but I decided to switch it up. I want to talk about myself. How I roll, and the misconceptions people tend to have about me.

First and foremost, I'll tackle my love life. Yeah, I know what I said in the beginning, but this is different cause I'm not in love! Ok, moving on. One thing about me is that I fall into like very easily. But, that is circumstantial, because I can't do it with just any guy. It doesn't depend on money,cars, clothes, but what occurs in the time we're amongst ourselves. Money doesn't really matter to me because the government can change currency (as their doing now google the Amero) and change our money into bottled water. Cars, I don't care for because it's not in my name. And clothes, because he still might stink. Ever talk to a funky fresh(fly) dude? I have. As I was saying, as we're amongst ourself, maybe he's making me laugh, being openly nice indirectly, so it could not be to me specifically, compliments flow unforced, our vibe is undeniably grand and I can talk to him for hours w/o argument. Shows that he believes in me and my dream, no matter what is the greatest love you can give anyone, and it means so much to me. Those are characteristics that play a part in who I like. Obviously everyone cannot share that type of relationship because not everyone's personality matches.

Now, no one should be confused, puzzled, or perplexed about my decisions to like a guy. Plus, I know when a guy forces it. 10 out of 10 times it's already too late.

Ahh, now i'm tired of talking about myself. Until the next segment...



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