Yung Cal -- Heartshok Ent.

Yung Cal (center), Prez Da Capo (Right)

Yung CAL was born Chris Radford on July 1, 1987. He is the new season that the hip hop flavor has been missing, a Complete Artist and Lyricist (C.A.L.). Equipped with street savvy and a swagger custom designed for only the hottest, CAL definitely has something to offer the young generation of Rap lovers. Yung CAL has experience, stage presence and a fashion style that many young Rappers lack, making him ahead of his game by a long shot. Yung CAL is in the game, and ready for the play time!

I personally think Yung Cal brings a different bravado to Hip Hop in which it definitely needs. Thanks to him he's given me the opportunity to listen to his exclusive tracks, and so world Check him out, you won't be disappointed.

--Yung Cal Exclusives --

**HOT FAV** All I Need (Produced by Chris Steel)

**HOT** Rich Nigga Shit

**HOT** Sweat and Tears


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