Oh Please GET It Together

There is a big misconception about the Church and Tithes. Some don’t understand when to give it, how much to give, and what types of money received they should take a tithe from. A lot of people think the church or pastor may spend their money anyhow, maybe on lavish items for themselves or other things that they may not approve of. But does that really matter? It doesn’t. Whosoever will eventually answer to God, and God alone. As long as you have done right, God will recognize that.

There was a story of a man that owned a very big store. A local church would always come to visit him and ask for donations to their church. He would shun them off and eventually never donated penny. Time went by, and his store caught on fire, and burned down completely. He was devastated of course, and went to the church to pray. That particular day, there was a preacher that was invited that spoke to the crowd and said, “There is someone here who all of their belongings were burnt in a fire”.

He immediately knew it was him. When time came for the preacher to anoint the
congregation with oil, the man stood up. When it was his turn, the preacher lifted the bottle to anoint him and as he bent his hand, it was caught in the air, and no oil would come out. God said that when his people asked him to give, he did not, so that day he could not be anointed.

Tithe can come from a paycheck, someone giving you $20, a school refund check, any amount that is given to you. Take 10% out, and save it somewhere in order to give back to him. He gave it to you anyway, why not give it back? Isn’t he the owner of all things? And people wonder why they are not being blessed, or getting jobs, and doors are not opening up for them. This may be the solution to your burdens.

As I was driving yesterday, I thought about how people in church dash about $2 for offering. It’s understandable if that’s all you have, but how can you just give $2, but paid $10 to get in the club just hours before? C’mon now. I rather pay my money to the church than to support any club or party. At least there I know I’ll eventually get my moneys worth.

I do accept that we as a generation are distracted. $100 in our pockets, and we don’t want to spend all of it on God. But when the Lil Wayne concert comes around, tickets going at $40, we drop that immediately. C’mon yall, get your priorities straight.