The Obama Deception: My View

Before I watched this documentary, I had me concerns about B. Obama. Don't get me wrong, I was down with the whole idea of a Black President because it gave a new outlook and hope to African-American people. The little black nappy headed kid in elementary school could see Obama's success and claim it for himself to one day be the next black president. Seeing is believing, and some people did not think it was going to happen. But it did, yet the future of his legacy may be one we did not expect. Kennedy still serves to be the last REAL president America has ever had, and yet he was murdered because he did not agree to let these Bankers who control America win. So, they killed him. Note that one of the federal reserves is located in Dallas, TX...the same place where Kennedy was killed. Coincidence?

This documentary may shock you, made you mad, or even set you on a different mind frame. The Bilderburg Council consists of 125 multi-billionaires. They control the world bank and they control currency. Obama just happens to be their mask of their New World Order to get in good with the masses. And just as they planned, he did. McCain could not have done that because everyone was in fear of having another Republican president. We wanted CHANGE!

Trilateral and banking commission wants to create a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the states involved as the manager and creater of the system, they want to rule the future. They take Bilerburg's agendas and execute them through regional round-table groups around the world.

This nation is not ruled by our president, but Bankers. Blame them, not him. Wall street is in our government and their main concern are their fantasies of world domination. Yes Obama did extend the time he wanted to keep the troops in Iraq, but he was not the one that put them there. People that are more powerful that he is put them there for a purpose. See figure below:

As Quoted by Thomas Jefferson:

The Obama Administration has tons of bills that awaiting concerning new ways to tax us. they want to tax meat, place chips on our cars that tax how many miles we use instead of taxing gas, light bulbs, water. See below for more:

Here's the Video: The Obama Deception

Take a pen and tablet, write down notes on his claims. He says they are official, so do your research. Order your own copy at: