Jay-Z: D.0.A

Death Of Autotune. Funny thing is I was listening to a song in straight Autotune when I downloaded Jigga's new song. He takes a moment of Silence before he stresses that "You rappers singin' to much, Get Back to Rap You T'Pain'n too much". Look out for his shout outs to guys wearin bright colors, tight jeans, lite voices, wayne, t-pain, dj khaled, and of course dudes rappin sayin that makin' money, but we still aint seen it yet.

Follow the Link:


Click Download. Wait 50 secs. Click where it says.. "Click Here"


Here's Jay-Z performing live at SUMMER JAM 09' yesterday. I've always wanted to be in NY by this time to see the concerts =[. Drake, Soulja Boy, Mary J. Blige, Method Man and others came through to perform also.