Free Alice Bond Bags: Marketing Geniuses

Rachel Nasvik is the woman to thank for the ideas. This wonderful lady had devised a mischievous chase of pure fun and thrill in her unique Bag Hunt for Alice Bond satchels. Summer is really kicking off and stressful work days will be eased by an exciting chase such as this one. Being at the right place at the right time will always surely pay off, especially with a designer bag with goodies involved. I must say this is one of the most brilliant marketing & advertising plan I've ever seen. Everyone is going to want an Alice Bond bag now.

The bags will be left on lonely stoops, dropped in front of doors, left hanging from payphones, abandoned in public restrooms, left sitting next to you at the bar, just about all random but trendy places in NYC.

A note inside each satchel reads "You did not find this bag, this bag found you" so when you find it you won't run around in a frenzy trying to find the owner. You are the owner!

Inside is "stocked with all you need for a night out, plus a mix of tunes to start the night off the right way" Rachel writes. My sources say there is for sure a key inside, but to unlock what, we don't know, but I have a feeling the lock will appear soon enough. Also the mention of "tunes" signal some type of mp3 device. Other things like lipgloss, designer accessories, probably a key chain could also be found inside. Keep the clues coming Rachel!

Yes I said clues! Guess where? Twitter for 100! --follow her