The Epidemic of Fatherless Children

Over the years, I've met a lot of individuals that were not as privileged as me to have their fathers around as they were growing up. Either they've never met him and don't want to ever meet "that nigga" or have met him and yet he still chooses to not be in their life. I'm sure they ask themselves questions like "what did I ever do to him?" or "why doesn't he want to be with our family?" polluted their mind growing up. Not knowing if it was circumstances, lies, hatred or whatever the reason could be that would cause their dad to not be in their life. There is something about the fact that two people brought you into this life, yet one of then could be there for you, but chooses not to. If affects all these women and men somehow.

Generally, a life without a father figure in a child's life equals a life without rules. Having to play this game called life without boundaries and dealing cards how ever you see fit is unfair. A father teaches lessons of structure and shows boundaries as a Shepard would. With out a shepard, a sheep is limited to learn on his own. To fend for himself. Learn how to cope with whatever life throws at him.. by himself. A mother cannot teach a man to be a man. Only a man can.

So where does this child go to learn these life lessons? Straight to the streets that have no mercy, curious enough to have their minds synced to the playlist of players, hustlers, O.Gs, thugs, thieves, and gangstas. When mama was at work, Lost in the concrete jungle. With dreams of becomin' a Boss; Top Dog; a Capo to the streets. A dream he created for himself because the streets and him had long days and nights together while moms was at work. Sister was at her boyfriend's house, and the big bro just "let the lil nigga do him".

Without a doubt these children are lost and confused.

Moreover, I have hope in our generation's future fathers. They have been dealt that card already, and refuse to let their future children live without a father. They've been through the pain, to which could not be shown, the drama, the rants, the nites wondering what the hell their dad could be doing that was more important than them! Always thinking about the love of their
lives, their mothers, beautiful strong women, struggling to make ends meet on their behalf. And girls wonder what motivates men to get money. I'm sure it's because they've promised their mothers that when they get "rich, ima buy you a house and pay your bills so can quit your job.. Ima take care of you mama".

Our generation of men will flip the script and bring the high ratio of single parent homes below minimum. If history does repeat itself, I am sure he will be reminded of the chances of his child going through the same trauma as him.

Hopefully, there will not be another epidemic of fatherless children.