Oh Please GET It Together

There is a big misconception about the Church and Tithes. Some don’t understand when to give it, how much to give, and what types of money received they should take a tithe from. A lot of people think the church or pastor may spend their money anyhow, maybe on lavish items for themselves or other things that they may not approve of. But does that really matter? It doesn’t. Whosoever will eventually answer to God, and God alone. As long as you have done right, God will recognize that.

There was a story of a man that owned a very big store. A local church would always come to visit him and ask for donations to their church. He would shun them off and eventually never donated penny. Time went by, and his store caught on fire, and burned down completely. He was devastated of course, and went to the church to pray. That particular day, there was a preacher that was invited that spoke to the crowd and said, “There is someone here who all of their belongings were burnt in a fire”.

He immediately knew it was him. When time came for the preacher to anoint the
congregation with oil, the man stood up. When it was his turn, the preacher lifted the bottle to anoint him and as he bent his hand, it was caught in the air, and no oil would come out. God said that when his people asked him to give, he did not, so that day he could not be anointed.

Tithe can come from a paycheck, someone giving you $20, a school refund check, any amount that is given to you. Take 10% out, and save it somewhere in order to give back to him. He gave it to you anyway, why not give it back? Isn’t he the owner of all things? And people wonder why they are not being blessed, or getting jobs, and doors are not opening up for them. This may be the solution to your burdens.

As I was driving yesterday, I thought about how people in church dash about $2 for offering. It’s understandable if that’s all you have, but how can you just give $2, but paid $10 to get in the club just hours before? C’mon now. I rather pay my money to the church than to support any club or party. At least there I know I’ll eventually get my moneys worth.

I do accept that we as a generation are distracted. $100 in our pockets, and we don’t want to spend all of it on God. But when the Lil Wayne concert comes around, tickets going at $40, we drop that immediately. C’mon yall, get your priorities straight.



R.I.P Micheal Jackson King of Pop [6-25-09]

A legend. A Father. And an Inspiration to many. No matter what people may say about him still even after his death, there is HE who is GREATER than who is in the world and HE can only judge him. Remember, we all fall short.
I hope the media respects the anonymity of his children as he would've wished when he was alive.

My favorite song and the Classic Moonwalk

R.I.P Farrah Fawcet [6-25-09]

Beautiful. Elegant. Unforgettable. My prayers are with her family and for her son. I hope there is an answer for cancer soon. It is really taking many lives.


Yung Cal -- Heartshok Ent.

Yung Cal (center), Prez Da Capo (Right)

Yung CAL was born Chris Radford on July 1, 1987. He is the new season that the hip hop flavor has been missing, a Complete Artist and Lyricist (C.A.L.). Equipped with street savvy and a swagger custom designed for only the hottest, CAL definitely has something to offer the young generation of Rap lovers. Yung CAL has experience, stage presence and a fashion style that many young Rappers lack, making him ahead of his game by a long shot. Yung CAL is in the game, and ready for the play time!

I personally think Yung Cal brings a different bravado to Hip Hop in which it definitely needs. Thanks to him he's given me the opportunity to listen to his exclusive tracks, and so world Check him out, you won't be disappointed.

--Yung Cal Exclusives --

**HOT FAV** All I Need (Produced by Chris Steel)

**HOT** Rich Nigga Shit

**HOT** Sweat and Tears


Contact Yung Cal

Coming July 1st


Teyana Taylor: Fly at 4 years old

Note the Ray Ban eyewear. Very interesting picture Tey..



lmao. i guess there was nothing else to do but laugh after they got OWNED. smh. i'm still rollin` ..


Who Am I ?

"Who Am I?" "Am I who I say I am?" or "Am I all I ought to be?"These questions serve as a basis to find out a person’s true identity. Reflecting and questioning one’s identity and actions eventually leads to ones true definition of self. There are a variety of techniques that help us enhance and our identities, so if one is not all who they out to be, these techniques will boost them up on desired attributes.

Who am I? I am a twenty year old female and junior at Prairie View A&M University. I am a sister, daughter, niece, cousin, leader, and a great friend. By blood and heart I am a Nigerian, but I am also an American. As a Christian, I am a lively and social person which still stays studious. I am educated in a variety of subjects which were either innate, or learned by experiences or through society and culture. I say I am all of these descriptions and more, and I am characterized by all of these descriptions. I am who I ought to be in the sense that who I am is installed into me, but that can be circumstantial due to timing. For example, as a student I am
attempting to study psychology to be a psychologist, but at this present point, I am not one. This title will be attained over time. Different characteristics are attained through time and conditioning. For example, I may want to be a more patient person, but at the moment I could exercise ways of trying to be more patient. Here I have the characteristic of being patient inside of me, but it takes me to bring it out for it to be externally shown.

Society has given us a duty to maintain our independence of self as a self controlled entity. I was raised to be unique, realize my inner self, express myself, and uphold goals throughout my live. These duties were designed to encourage my independence and as I successfully carry out these tasks, my self-esteem steadily increases.

Multicultural identities are more common in today’s world with individuals having two or more cultural identities. I personally have two cultural identities, which are that of my native group of Nigerians combined with that of an American. Present in my Nigerian culture is a social and collective type of identity, but also as an American, I also contain considerable individualistic aspects from that culture. Having the use of both individualistic and collectivist worldviews in organizing my perceptions of others, I tend to endorse both cultural tendencies.

Self enhancement refers to a multiplicity of psychological processes by which individuals reinforce or enhance their self-esteem. Through reflecting and positively affirming myself, I gain a higher boost of self-esteem opposed to someone who does not. Moreover, as I mentioned before reflecting on an individual’s characteristics or deeds could be explained by people who exhibit a self-serving bias. A self-serving bias is described as good deeds being attributed to internal attributes, but bad deeds or failure to external factors. If I receive a good grade in class, I attribute that deed to my hard working hours that I used to study for the tests and time to complete the homework assignments. Essentially, I attribute the good grade to internal factors. The good grade that I receive ties in to how I said I am a studious and educated individual, and that is who I am.

Moreover, self-enhancement techniques vary by culture. Outside of the United States, techniques like the self-serving bias may not be used to enhance self-esteem. The internal or external attributes could be explained by an individual that may not use these techniques for self-enhancement that their good deeds happened because of good luck or hard work; and their failures happened because of their lack of abilities. Thus, some cultures could focus more on community-related traits opposed to their own individual attributes. I personally

Attributions are the assumptions people make about the causes of events and their own and others’ behaviors. They let us to take a deeper look at the biases people have when explaining other’s behaviors, which eventually affect their own behavior. A person can infer that because I make good grades, I am a nerd with no social life. Their inference will change the way they talk to me and due to their inference, they may exclude from asking me to social events and so on. As I mentioned before, I am studious but I am also a social person. I feel attributions come from the way we understand the world around us and our understanding of the behaviors of others.


The "N" Word

A Previous Essay I wrote:

The “N” word is the most loosely used word amongst African-American people. It also serves as an insult, term of endearment, and just another word to different individuals. The “N” word can be used as an adjective, noun, or even a verb. Everyone has their own outlook on the word, as do I. The “N” word may offend some people, but it I feel sometimes depends on the situation at hand how a person should take the word.

Personally speaking, I used the “N” word, but not as much as when I was a teenager. I tended to use the world on different occasions around different people. The reason is not because I see it is a bad word; I prefer other words like “man” or “girl” when I want to refer to someone. At times when I did use the “N” word, I was usually referring to one of my friends in an endearing way. For example, statements like “that’s my ‘N” or that ‘N’ over there?” Those statements show acknowledgement to individuals, the same was a person would say “that’s my girl or that girl over there?” I did not find it the word harmful at all, thus far I people have different outlooks on the word.

Not using the “N” word for the past eight weeks served as a test. For the first week I struggled to not use the word, but at times it just came out naturally. The “N” word slipped out mostly on instances where I was in a comfortable environment, like around my friends. In that type of environment, we would be just laughing and talking about various things going on in our lives or in the world. I would say statements like, “N, you are so crazy”, where I would be laughing with the person I called an “N” as they told hilarious jokes. I noted experiences where I called some groups of some people the “N” word to verbalize that some people did not know how to act. For example in a situation where there was a misunderstanding in the cafeteria, and a girl hollered at the employee. I felt that her tone and attitude to the elderly woman was unnecessary, and amongst my friends I said, “Why is she acting like a ‘N’”? Yet, I called her an “N” and felt nothing by saying it.

The past weeks after using the “N” word, I slowly transitioned to not use the word at all. I started to listen to other people use the “N” word, noting down how I felt about the word. Usually people use the word in a jokingly matter as they were among their friends, but never in the classroom or around professionals. The individuals, like I did, used substitutes like “girl” or “dude” instead of the “N” word. In discussions around my friends, I would refer to them by their names, instead of the “N” word.

Over the weeks, the controversy of the “N” word being used by people outside of the African-American community was a subject that I was really interested in. Not only do some black people use the word as a term of endearment, White, Hispanic, and Asian people use it also. Yet, I question myself if I can truly get mad at them for using the word and I condone the use the “N” word in the black community. Overall, over the weeks I spoke with various people of my age and older people about their feelings on the “N” word. Combined I have noticed the stiff lines between two different views on the “N” word, views that probably will not change.

The younger generation felt the “N” word was more publicized and discussed as such a bad word, when other cultures use offensive words to refer to each other. Mexicans use phrases like “wet back” or “spic”, white people call themselves whores, sluts, and scalawags. These words and phases are derogatory, and yet they are not publicized for its use among these communities. Yet, the “N” word is highlighted in the black community as a word black people should not use at all. We should not be limited when no one else is being broadcasted for their word choices.

Furthermore, the new generation feels that the “N” word has transpired into a new meaning for a new generation. For the past eight weeks I remembered how our elders fought for equal rights and to stop other races from calling us the “N” word including the “er”. Yet, the new generation disowns the negative meaning of the old world. A new and better outlook of the word has emerged and the “N” word became a symbolization of overcoming the oppression of that word, and realization of it just as a word. A word cannot take a way a person’s worth, dignity, or intelligence. The European people see power to be derived through control, whether through a word or through aggression. Accepting that you are limited to what word someone calls you, whether the “N” word includes the “er” or just an “a” at the ending, rests a personal battle inside that individual.


I don't wear sneakers anymore, but these are hott

The Air Jordan I (1) Emerald Green is part of the “Do The Right Thing” pack. This is a very special retro, the original metallic green Jordan 1’s resell for $1500+ and are almost impossible to find. Now twenty five years later the Jordan brand has decided to retro this high quality retro. These shoes are releasing to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the movie “Do The Right Thing” which has always been a very important marketing theme for Jordan brand. This is a limited release with less than 3,000 pairs being produced. Please note final product will NOT have print inside of it.


White/Sea Green

Order them now:


I took these shots at PV

More Pictures:


Flying Lotus`

The LA based hip hop and experimental super producer. And let me add, one of my favorite producers. He reminds me of J Dilla. The aura of a SUPERSTAR flourishes my ears when I first listened to his track Robo Tussin. This guy is A BIG DEAL.

Check out his music on the INSOMNIA PLAYLIST ..


The Epidemic of Fatherless Children

Over the years, I've met a lot of individuals that were not as privileged as me to have their fathers around as they were growing up. Either they've never met him and don't want to ever meet "that nigga" or have met him and yet he still chooses to not be in their life. I'm sure they ask themselves questions like "what did I ever do to him?" or "why doesn't he want to be with our family?" polluted their mind growing up. Not knowing if it was circumstances, lies, hatred or whatever the reason could be that would cause their dad to not be in their life. There is something about the fact that two people brought you into this life, yet one of then could be there for you, but chooses not to. If affects all these women and men somehow.

Generally, a life without a father figure in a child's life equals a life without rules. Having to play this game called life without boundaries and dealing cards how ever you see fit is unfair. A father teaches lessons of structure and shows boundaries as a Shepard would. With out a shepard, a sheep is limited to learn on his own. To fend for himself. Learn how to cope with whatever life throws at him.. by himself. A mother cannot teach a man to be a man. Only a man can.

So where does this child go to learn these life lessons? Straight to the streets that have no mercy, curious enough to have their minds synced to the playlist of players, hustlers, O.Gs, thugs, thieves, and gangstas. When mama was at work, Lost in the concrete jungle. With dreams of becomin' a Boss; Top Dog; a Capo to the streets. A dream he created for himself because the streets and him had long days and nights together while moms was at work. Sister was at her boyfriend's house, and the big bro just "let the lil nigga do him".

Without a doubt these children are lost and confused.

Moreover, I have hope in our generation's future fathers. They have been dealt that card already, and refuse to let their future children live without a father. They've been through the pain, to which could not be shown, the drama, the rants, the nites wondering what the hell their dad could be doing that was more important than them! Always thinking about the love of their
lives, their mothers, beautiful strong women, struggling to make ends meet on their behalf. And girls wonder what motivates men to get money. I'm sure it's because they've promised their mothers that when they get "rich, ima buy you a house and pay your bills so can quit your job.. Ima take care of you mama".

Our generation of men will flip the script and bring the high ratio of single parent homes below minimum. If history does repeat itself, I am sure he will be reminded of the chances of his child going through the same trauma as him.

Hopefully, there will not be another epidemic of fatherless children.


Free Alice Bond Bags: Marketing Geniuses

Rachel Nasvik is the woman to thank for the ideas. This wonderful lady had devised a mischievous chase of pure fun and thrill in her unique Bag Hunt for Alice Bond satchels. Summer is really kicking off and stressful work days will be eased by an exciting chase such as this one. Being at the right place at the right time will always surely pay off, especially with a designer bag with goodies involved. I must say this is one of the most brilliant marketing & advertising plan I've ever seen. Everyone is going to want an Alice Bond bag now.

The bags will be left on lonely stoops, dropped in front of doors, left hanging from payphones, abandoned in public restrooms, left sitting next to you at the bar, just about all random but trendy places in NYC.

A note inside each satchel reads "You did not find this bag, this bag found you" so when you find it you won't run around in a frenzy trying to find the owner. You are the owner!

Inside is "stocked with all you need for a night out, plus a mix of tunes to start the night off the right way" Rachel writes. My sources say there is for sure a key inside, but to unlock what, we don't know, but I have a feeling the lock will appear soon enough. Also the mention of "tunes" signal some type of mp3 device. Other things like lipgloss, designer accessories, probably a key chain could also be found inside. Keep the clues coming Rachel!

Yes I said clues! Guess where? Twitter for 100!
http://twitter.com/rachelnasvik --follow her


Don't Jealous Me: T-Boy

I was just on Youtube, browsin' as usual when i stumbled on this guy named T-Boy. This guy is HILARIOUS, although i'm about crazy Africans like this all the time! He has his own website now, I mean, Youtube really gives people some sort of fame. Anyway, Check out his "Don't Jealous Me" series.


Movie Nite: Black and Sexy

Everyday is "A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy" in my eyes, but the title is just the thought, the movie goes into very explicit detail. This movie is told by Dennis Dortch, an exceptional and unique director/author. The story line was thrilling, funny, sexy, and most importantly dramatic. It tells the a story of a, CHEATING husband, a freaky BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND, and other adult affairs. Imagine, the situations you only read or hear about are played out right before your eyes. Dennis Dortch shows you exactly what goes on behind the scenes of these relationship, so you are no longer the one looking outside in, but inside out.

People have noted this movie as "a on a trip down a blaxploitation corridor of sin". Dortch is far less interested in where movies have been than where they've never dared to go -- into the abrasive side of sexual posturing, negotiating and politics.

Copy and Paste the URL to view the movie FREE:



Jay-Z: D.0.A

Death Of Autotune. Funny thing is I was listening to a song in straight Autotune when I downloaded Jigga's new song. He takes a moment of Silence before he stresses that "You rappers singin' to much, Get Back to Rap You T'Pain'n too much". Look out for his shout outs to guys wearin bright colors, tight jeans, lite voices, wayne, t-pain, dj khaled, and of course dudes rappin sayin that makin' money, but we still aint seen it yet.

Follow the Link:


Click Download. Wait 50 secs. Click where it says.. "Click Here"


Here's Jay-Z performing live at SUMMER JAM 09' yesterday. I've always wanted to be in NY by this time to see the concerts =[. Drake, Soulja Boy, Mary J. Blige, Method Man and others came through to perform also.


A Letter to Love

Dear Love,

I'm just merely writing you to figure you out. I mean, I know you're out there somewhere, make your guest appearances whenever YOU want to, but yet I still dont have your full grasp. Romantically that is. Through God, I understand that you MUST exist. In John 3:16 it says "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." See, right there, what you just read shows unconditional love. Through thick and thin love, never giving up on you love, bring out the best and not pushing your buttons love.

...a love I haven't come across. How come LOVE? Where the ___ are you "Love"? If that's really your name. And I question its authenticity because I seem to keep coming across your smooth talking identical twin, Lust. He's quite the charismatic one isn't he. Talks a sweet game, but in the end, factors still remain the same. He just wants to f*^k. I'm not down for that kinda party, so I send his ass on pushin'. I'm tired of him coming around, I want to meet Love. I hear about you so much, and see your affects first hand, yet you haven't come to empty out your butterflies in my stomach.

We women are really sick and tired of the "clash". You know the clash right? Either he's busy, I'm busy, he's in love with his bestfriend and holding on to her, or the major one, he's unreliable. Un-trustworthy, a bachelor, party promoter, you name it, those are not boyfriend characteristics! What about not being available when a girl really need him to be available. I know you have your work cut out for you, but we're all awaiting your touch. Its as simple as that.


Dreamers of Love


lol / eff'd up Stories of the Day

"Today, I saw an elderly man fall in a crosswalk, so I jumped off my bike to help. As I helped him across, the light turned green. At that point I noticed my phone had fallen out of my pocket in the street and was run over by several cars. I then watched across a 6 lane street as someone stole my bike."

"Today, my husband dropped me off at work, ten minutes later I got a text saying" I just dropped the b*tch off I'll be there in a few baby, miss you". I asked him about it he said he "I dont know what youre talking about Megan". My name isnt Megan, not even close. "

"Today, I was talked into having sex with my boyfriend of 4 years. I had always wanted to wait till marriage but my boyfriend convinced me otherwise. Once we were done, he said he could never marry me because I was no longer pure."
Note: Thats just eff'd up. But some guys do think that way. smh

"Today, my boss called me into his office to show me the web site of a potential business partner. When he began to type 'virginia' into google, it auto-completed his search with his recent search for 'virgin boy assholes'. I have to go on business trip with him tomorrow. I'm a young guy."


The Obama Deception: My View

Before I watched this documentary, I had me concerns about B. Obama. Don't get me wrong, I was down with the whole idea of a Black President because it gave a new outlook and hope to African-American people. The little black nappy headed kid in elementary school could see Obama's success and claim it for himself to one day be the next black president. Seeing is believing, and some people did not think it was going to happen. But it did, yet the future of his legacy may be one we did not expect. Kennedy still serves to be the last REAL president America has ever had, and yet he was murdered because he did not agree to let these Bankers who control America win. So, they killed him. Note that one of the federal reserves is located in Dallas, TX...the same place where Kennedy was killed. Coincidence?

This documentary may shock you, made you mad, or even set you on a different mind frame. The Bilderburg Council consists of 125 multi-billionaires. They control the world bank and they control currency. Obama just happens to be their mask of their New World Order to get in good with the masses. And just as they planned, he did. McCain could not have done that because everyone was in fear of having another Republican president. We wanted CHANGE!

Trilateral and banking commission wants to create a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the states involved as the manager and creater of the system, they want to rule the future. They take Bilerburg's agendas and execute them through regional round-table groups around the world.

This nation is not ruled by our president, but Bankers. Blame them, not him. Wall street is in our government and their main concern are their fantasies of world domination. Yes Obama did extend the time he wanted to keep the troops in Iraq, but he was not the one that put them there. People that are more powerful that he is put them there for a purpose. See figure below:

As Quoted by Thomas Jefferson:

The Obama Administration has tons of bills that awaiting concerning new ways to tax us. they want to tax meat, place chips on our cars that tax how many miles we use instead of taxing gas, light bulbs, water. See below for more:

Here's the Video: The Obama Deception

Take a pen and tablet, write down notes on his claims. He says they are official, so do your research. Order your own copy at:


Bruno and Eminem

I'd be pissed too if this dude put his ass in my face stripper style. MTV set that up thinking it was funny. Watch how they boss'd that dude after he touched down.


lol Stories of the DayMornin'

Note: These are not stories of me.

"Today, I got my computer back from a data recovery center after my hard drive crashed. I'm a photographer, and I'd just finished a series of artistic nudes, which I put in a hidden file so my kids wouldn't stumble on it. That file is now empty, except for a picture of Jesus frowning."

"Today, I thought I would make my first trip to the beach. While in the water, I was stung by a jellyfish. My friend had to pee on me. I went back into the water to wash the pee off and got stung by another jellyfish."

"Today, I met this really nice guy at the mall and he gave me his number. Later that night, I texted him. We got on the subject of food, and I started talking about how much I love veal. He responded with saying I was supporting animal murder, that I should go to hell and lose his number."

"Today, I had a dentist appointment. While waiting, I pulled out my Cosmo magazine to entertain myself. The woman sitting across from me points and tells me I'm reading "Satan's Manual." I told her I don't believe in Satan. She said, "You'll know he's real when you become his bitch!"

"Today, I began to choke on a large pill while my mom was in the room. Hoping that she would help me, I began to make a lot of noise. After she completely ignored me, I threw my body over a chair, saving my life. At this point my mother asks me to shut up because she can't hear her friend."

"Today, while arriving at my best friend's wedding, I accidentally ran over her 2 dogs."