this is too GAYY!

Before I saw the video, I heard it all over TWITTER @gunflashh [follow me]... so I had to see what all the hype was about. And as you have it, this N is grindin' and twerkin' and rollin' his hips, a lil too much. If he would have hit that famous gay "bounce" that my gay friends tell me to look out for, then i'd definitely would've had a fit. Oh and shout out to all the guys that took time out to watch this video today.


I laugh my ass off when I saw this extra gay shit. He CLEARLY planned this video to the T. C'mon now, where did that damn kiwi come from?? Oh really, a BELLY ROLL? At least he wasn't rockin his hips like Spec. Lol @ that thump when his feet hit the wall. Yeah, and not to mention the SOUND is even terrible... Nice try pee-wee. You did out-gay Spec.