Just Think'n about ..

Africa ny Africa. You are truly misunderstood and taken advantage of.

People rob you of your minerals
Steal your ideas
Steal your Gold
Steal your Oil
Take your People
Take your strength
Copy and paste your music
Mark your people
Destroy their minds
Force them to forget you

All with the purpose to just try to duplicate you. Yet they will never accomplish their mission. Whatever they may take still leaves your with an endless supply. Your people are still surviving, still smiling, still thriving, and they can't do shit about it.

But what can you do about it? You are abundantly blessed with great minerals, people, music, and many other things. But should that force other people to want to rob you of it? I say they will eventually get theirs in the end. Just don't worry your course but pretty little head about it. Nigerians are rated the Happiest People in the World. I'm sure you're proud. Poor but still smiling. What else can we do.

Africa, I love you and admire your perseverance.
Your People
Really everything there is to say about you.
Most especially how you have produced a wonderful culture that I will forever tell the world about. Thank God and Thank You.