An Enchanted Encounter..

As an onlooker, whether male or female, he'd received a second look. Upon a second look, I'm sure he reads all the clouds written with compliments floating on the side of peoples' heads.

I personally observed him, analyzing and scrutinizing him from head to toe. Please excuse my eyes because they were all over his sculpture, gently taking in what was in front of me.


the river flowing on top of his head splished with splash so uncontrollably, that only Moses himself could control it la

"Whussup ?" he asked.

His smile as priceless as the brain signals to his mouth that told him he wanted to smile. la la. When he proceeded to hug me, the aroma of his cologne trailed up to the tip of the hair follicles in my cute little nose. I hugged him back, and I closed my eyes as if I could close the moment in my lids, sealing the moment with a new era sticker, i'd pull my brim low so no one could tell what my eyes were doing. lala When he let go, my reality shot electric messengers throughout my brain waves, signaling to "stop smiling so hard". We discussed little subjects for awhile, and the whole while stayed the contagious smile on his face. This man was blessed with some beautiful teeth to which were gracious enough to share their sight with me. His whole stance was postal stamped with approval noted "Greetings from the Land of Handsomeness." Facial features finely chizzzeled with more z's then a hibernating bear. Skin as smooth as a candy painted car with inspirations from laffy taffy, sitting in the MAACO body shop. Moreover, his voice, combined with his grammar was as smooth as a player/pimp. Not to mention, he had humor. Punch lines kicked and pushed through my mind while Lupe wrote them down. My lips finely disributing laughs into the air, pleasant to his ears because it showed he wasn't corny. You know stale jokes get a forced giggle.

His movements and actions during our encounter interested me as I peeped him over tom's shoulder. I'd jotted a mental note in my mind to hit myself for not getting to know him sooner but his smile scribbled a ;-) onto my note.

For the rest of the night, my mind still resided on this precisely maintenanced flyy aircraft, call em A1; he was sittin real Good like presidents riding on the Air force One. A gift that gives lessons, showing examples to the male breed 'showin em how its supposed to be done'. I got home that night, thoughts getting charged for roaming. I slept, to later be interrupted as a text message came through my cellular. My eyes darted into the flashing lights. He texted me and naturally I smiled.

This enchanting time we spent in each others presence added lots of smiles, with which I rather not have subtracted, but added to. A clean, respectful, and well mannered man stood before me. A priceless moment is taking time to write this, but also a priceless moment is me knowing he just read this.