Let It Flo`

She's right. Everyone has their own type of flaws. Mine is not sharing my feelings as much as I need to. My friend and I had a discussion about relationships and games. In my last piece, "A Love Facing A Dead End", I talked about how people play games. A these games even last through the relationship.
"Oh she took 3 hours to call me back, so i'll return her in 2 days"
"If he's not going to speak first, then i'm not going to speak first"
"I love him, but i'll wait till he says it first"
"I like her, but what if she doesn't like me? Ok, one day i'll tell her"

Are you suffering from a case of rejection-fobia also known as minor bitchassness? Well, one thing me and my friend discussed was that REJECTION is apart of life. It gives you room to learn from those type of situations. It gives you the opportunity to look inward and question yourself and how you carry yourself. Maybe your are too uptight, lazy, conceited, selfish, wicked, irresponsible, or obtain other character flaws.

We grow each day due to each customized situation that our day brings us. We are making constant decisions that will affect our lives. Choosing the right guy/girl could change your life for the better or for the worse. Yet, at the end of the day there will be a lesson learned.

If God wanted you to meet your destined husband/wife on the first time you have ever spoken or liked a guy/girl, they it would have been so. Just like that. Look at Adam, just like that he met Eve didn't he.

I speak these words because most of you guys/girls are on the same chapter as I am. I too ask myself, where are all the real men at? ..or where is MY man at? And I like YOU, God is still workin on me. And I think i'll just let him do his job, and stop rushing him, or even trying to do his job for him.

Nothing GOOD comes EASY..