friday night hype..

"paint prettier than ashleee" - willie
...."uh, prettier?" - me

i'm hella late but shit, i be moving too much. this should regard FRIDAY's post and a lot of shit happened. test test test, man fuck all the teachers who give tests that aint got SHIT to do with the REVIEW.. bitch what the fuck you giving me this shit for? err.. i was done with classes by 11:50am and then i slid thru the MSC.. my domain, my home, my lounge. it was WEAK, but i saw willie and pushed him almost into the sprinklers.. lol.. why are black people so scared of water? i mean, damn... random question, why do black people LOVE NAPKINS? lmao like i know yu got a stack of napkins in your glove compartment and some spoons n shit lol you nigger you..

but then me and willie caught the shuttle to phase 3. man, they livin nice out there in phase 3, full size bed and shit.. but thats too damn far from the campus.. its like the boondocks and huey chillin in the parkin lot. Anyway, you already know what was gonna go down when i got there.. to be cont..



Yooo, isn't today a muhfuckin lovely ass day? woke up at 9:30 and got to my 10am class by 10:30. Fashionable late, i walked in the auditorium hella late with eyes dartin my Ever walk into a room and you swear somethings on your face, but you know it is.... but people peep you from head to toe.. Even females? Anyway, The teacher DONT BE TALKING BOUT SHIT, so i texted my ass until he let us out.. When i hit the MSC, nigguhs was posted, i spoke to those who i knew and moved around. Then I GOT THE SHOCKER OF MY LIFE.. "A SNAKE!!!!"Being nosey, i walked over to see lol it was a SNAKE FOR REAL.. wow. I felt like i was in the zoo.. no kappas.. So this man, [Mr. Siley] had a damn pool stick in his hand, about to jabb the damn snake. Everyones looking out the window and the tention was soo thick. My ass posted right infront of the window where he was, peepin, and just waiting.. like "i bet you wont stabb it".. HE DID.. man. that snake screamed man, i did too. it was all shriveled when he picked it up.. that country man took it somewhere in the back of the school... prolly to the cafeteria. we had gumbo at lunch after that soo uh, i think i had some snake man. r.i.p. skooter [the snake].

  • at hump day, some girl told me AGAIN that i look like lauren hill.. when she was in sister act. - funny shit..

Now its time for the STOP LIGHT PARTY tonight, "f e m a" is going to be taking over the Knights of Columbus hall soo, uh last party [i dont believe that hype, i think they bullshittin] but yeah, i'm passin the hype around.. see yu there.. i'ma be in RED.. i'm single but shit the shirt badd.


OH SHIT. Today is the PREMIERE meeting of YOUNG DEMOCRATS in the msc at 6pm in the senate chambers. We will talk of the view points of a democrat so those who claim it wont claim the wrong political side.



This morning has opted to start quite hostile. First, i spent a lof of my free time studying and trying to get on point for an exam. Its always anxiety when the teacher sucks. Then, I came to the realization that I was wasting my time trying to re-kindle the life of a friendship that maybe needed to die. Girls spend their time throwing themselves at him, and he's just soaking it all up.Ugh, i think this is called jealousy. But we had it soo good before, we had things to talk about, i felt comfortable.. now its just awkward. Why the hell is it awkward? I want to erase time, and accept that friend request on facebook again. Then send him a message saying "you look familiar"... then look on my kick later on that day to see he wrote me on aim... then from then on, being just the best of friends. I just get tired of seeing him bond with these other girls, but when it comes to me, its like a brick wall up. I know i've done a lot of things to violate your trust, said rude things, made stupid decisions.. no buts cause i thought you wouldn't even take those actions seriously. No trust it is. But I learn from my mistakes, no psychopath and i wouldn't try the same action over and over again expecting change.. I CHANGE. He wondered how could I have changed if i blasted someone in my display name on myspace, which is visible to everyone? ...when you considers someone as a hoe ass individual, do you truly care how they feel anymore? The shit she did to me classified me to be immune to the realization of her feelings. But in your case, i actually give a shit. So, why would I ever do you like that? I have in the past, but i honestly did not consider it to be serious at all. I was just joking, it looked real bad but damn it came out wrong. But i cant change what i did, i can only apologize [THIS IS MY PUBLIC APOLOGY].. and try any way to gain your trust back. But will it ever come back? All this drama that surrounded the summer clouded all our agenda to "restart".. does the world just want us to separate? Will you join them to satisfy their goal? Should i join also?