Yooo, isn't today a muhfuckin lovely ass day? woke up at 9:30 and got to my 10am class by 10:30. Fashionable late, i walked in the auditorium hella late with eyes dartin my way..target. Ever walk into a room and you swear somethings on your face, but you know it is.... but people peep you from head to toe.. Even females? Anyway, The teacher DONT BE TALKING BOUT SHIT, so i texted my ass until he let us out.. When i hit the MSC, nigguhs was posted, i spoke to those who i knew and moved around. Then I GOT THE SHOCKER OF MY LIFE.. "A SNAKE!!!!"Being nosey, i walked over to see lol it was a SNAKE FOR REAL.. wow. I felt like i was in the zoo.. no kappas.. So this man, [Mr. Siley] had a damn pool stick in his hand, about to jabb the damn snake. Everyones looking out the window and the tention was soo thick. My ass posted right infront of the window where he was, peepin, and just waiting.. like "i bet you wont stabb it".. HE DID.. man. that snake screamed man, i did too. it was all shriveled when he picked it up.. that country man took it somewhere in the back of the school... prolly to the cafeteria. we had gumbo at lunch after that soo uh, i think i had some snake man. r.i.p. skooter [the snake].

  • at hump day, some girl told me AGAIN that i look like lauren hill.. when she was in sister act. - funny shit..

Now its time for the STOP LIGHT PARTY tonight, "f e m a" is going to be taking over the Knights of Columbus hall soo, uh last party [i dont believe that hype, i think they bullshittin] but yeah, i'm passin the hype around.. see yu there.. i'ma be in RED.. i'm single but shit the shirt badd.