friday night hype..

"paint prettier than ashleee" - willie
...."uh, prettier?" - me

i'm hella late but shit, i be moving too much. this should regard FRIDAY's post and a lot of shit happened. test test test, man fuck all the teachers who give tests that aint got SHIT to do with the REVIEW.. bitch what the fuck you giving me this shit for? err.. i was done with classes by 11:50am and then i slid thru the MSC.. my domain, my home, my lounge. it was WEAK, but i saw willie and pushed him almost into the sprinklers.. lol.. why are black people so scared of water? i mean, damn... random question, why do black people LOVE NAPKINS? lmao like i know yu got a stack of napkins in your glove compartment and some spoons n shit lol you nigger you..

but then me and willie caught the shuttle to phase 3. man, they livin nice out there in phase 3, full size bed and shit.. but thats too damn far from the campus.. its like the boondocks and huey chillin in the parkin lot. Anyway, you already know what was gonna go down when i got there.. to be cont..